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Top Quality Trap Tags Since 1979


Copper and Brass Trap Tags

Our quality trap tags are machine stamped out of heavy #1 grade copper and brass. At .018 thousandths thick our trap tags are as heavy or heavier than any tag on the market today. They are 7/16\” wide by 2 1/4\” long. We can accommodate up to 20 characters per line on three lines.

What are the differences between copper and brass trap tags? The copper tags are stamped out of soft copper and the brass tags are stamped out of hard brass. The copper we use is a more porous metal than the brass we use. Therefore the copper trap tags will take to trap dye better than the brass tags. If you are going to use the trap tags in salt water we recommend the brass tags. Both the copper and brass tags are pliable enough to wrap around the chain of the trap. Or the cable of a snare.

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